Phoenix raised her head slightly, peering into the wind blast, trying to see where the ship was headed.  She’d sensed the destination for some time on her wireless rig – a chorus of random radio emissions, noise from machinery, the hum of AC current, pirate radio stations, emergency distress calls – the song of a living city.  The symphony grew in volume and clarity as they approached, but her eyes could make nothing out through the grey fog.

She could see nothing that would satisfy a rising curiosity.  For in all the radio “sounds” of the city they were approaching, there was precious little in the way of radars, police comms, or surveillance – the usual trappings of life to which she’d become so accustomed in Insilico.  Were they approaching a pirate base?  How could one be so large?

She began to just make out a region ahead that seemed to glow.  She picked it up in infrared first.  Then it began to be visible as a dull reddish haze.  It was a city- a HUGE one.  As the ship approached the city to visually scout the landing area, details began to break through the haze.  Pinpoints of light here and there, joined by others, then the outlines of buildings.  Huge, massive buildings – much larger than had existed in Insilico.  And the symphony of radio sound expanded into a brilliant crescendo of millions of voices. By the time the snakelike curling streets could be seen, Phoenix was already swimming in the experience of this new place.  Her head was thrown back, face in the wind, smiling broadly.

The city welcomed her with the sound of its soul.  Phone calls between lovers; entertainment video and audio signals; a vibrant information grid; all these things sang to her.  And yes, nestled in the flood; there was the sound of droidsong.  That unique melody of living machines thinking together called out to greet the city’s newest daughter.

She squealed with delight, released the mag clamps, and swan dived through the murky air into the city below, laughing with joy as she descended into the depths of Hangars Liquides.

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