Taking the Bait

Phoenix strode to Erich’s quarters from the medical bay, where she’d spend the night watching over Ash.  She knocked on the door.  Erich turned, slightly surprised that someone would visit him here, and bade her enter.

Phoenix : Hello, Erich. I was down in this part of the station – Ash had a rough night. I thought I’d come to you. You wanted to talk to me?

Erich Zufreur  spins around to face her with a nod “Yea–I got into contact with the Kriegs, They aren’t on Mars–and they have no plans to go after those who escaped. Anything not on Earth or the moon is outside of Alliance territory.”

Phoenix  furrows her brow. “Then who is exterminating my people?”

Erich Zufreur  shrugs “As far as they could tell no one, It’s normal traffic on Mars, VASC reports nothing except Dn’aa, Orbital warning for the alliance reports everything is quiet for now, hell the Kriegs are busy fighting people in South America at the moment.”

Phoenix : “The reports of AI being hunted on the outer colonies – where did they come from?”

Erich Zufreur  pulls out his PDA “That’s the thing, it came from an Alliance channel but there’s something–unsettling about the frequency they were using..”

Phoenix  narrows her eyes slightly, pondering “unsettling in what way?”

Erich Zufreur : “The frequency they were on is registered to an Alliance command ship–One that was taken out by the UBC in 2468–I would know because I was on that ship when it came under attack.:

Phoenix : “But, why would someone want to forge a report that AI were being hunted, unless….” she takes on a more urgent tone, having made the connection. “Who would be in a position to forge an Alliance report?”

Erich Zufreur  frowns “That’s what troubles me, a lot of people, Most of your BND high command- Alliance High Command–bt they wouldn’t forge a report like that, I think someones trying to draw you out of hiding.”

Phoenix : “I agree. But that means there really is only one card to play.”

Erich Zufreur : “Which is?”

Phoenix : Spring the trap.

Erich Zufreur  goes over the message again “That means you and I are both taking a trip to mars then.”

Phoenix  smiles slightly “You sure you up for this? It’s going to be extremely dangerous.”

Erich Zufreur  smirks “You’re talking to a person who was making Orbital drops at the age of 16, working here has been rather boring, I’m sure I’m up for it.”

Phoenix  smiles widely “Well then I’d be honored. We’ll start the planning. One thing I’d like to ask of you. We need to develop a good idea of what the adversary expects me to do. I’d like you to develop a threat profile based on what is publicly known about me, and give me your best assessment of the scale and type of my response. I want to make sure we meet our host’s expectations when the time comes.”

Erich Zufreur : “I’ll get right on that–Either they’re going to be very prepared or under-prepared, No inbetween.”

Phoenix : “Good. We’ll meet soon and start work on the plan.” she nods and turns toward the door, but stops “And Erich…”

Erich Zufreur : “Yes?”

Phoenix : “Thank you.”

Erich Zufreur  shakes his head “No Problem.”